About Us
Plombon Funeral Service had its beginnings when Vincent Plombon arrived in Stanley in 1925 from Foley, Minnesota. He was
experienced in the furniture and funeral home business. Being a father of 7 young children and 3 grown children he was looking
for a business to call his own. Vince moved his family by train and never looked back.
He leased a business and building on the SW corner of Broadway and Fourth Ave from Howard Cummins. There were two
other funeral and furniture establishments in Stanley at that time, Harrington and Lauer. Vince had an advantage over the
competition because he was an established embalmer. Enabling family members time to make long travel to Stanley gave him a
distinction in Stanley.
A few years later, Mr. Harrington left town in the middle of the night and his building and stock went up for sale at an auction.
Vince purchased both at this time and moved across the street into what is now the Plombon Furniture building. The Lauer’s
business folded and soon discontinued the funeral home business leaving only Vince in the funeral home business in Stanley.
Vince and Mary moved into the upstairs apartment.
In 1930, Vince passed away from TB from complications from the flu epidemic that took so many lives in the U.S. in 1919 and
1920. Mary, Vince’s wife, still had a family to raise and she had to have a funeral director to operate a funeral business. The
oldest son, Severyn (now the head of the household) had helped his father in the business ever since a young boy. He felt
obligated to achieve his license in funeral directing and embalming to help his mother keep the business. Sev had other ideas of
what he wanted to do with his future life, but he knew what he had to do. He and his younger brother Lawrence “Bud”
Plombon kept the business alive for the family.
In 1937, the two boys purchased the Grubb residence one block to the north on Broadway and moved the funeral business to
this building. Sev was now married to Genevieve Rivers and they moved into the apartment above the funeral home.
The two brothers purchased the business from their mother in 1946, and then parted ways with Sev taking the funeral business
and Bud the furniture store business. Alice’s brother Ed Theirl worked for Bud and Alice Plombon and later purchased the
business from them. They later sold the furniture store to their son Todd. He and his wife own and operate the furniture store
as Plombon Furniture.
Sev saw a need for the Gilman area to have a funeral home of their own. Sev and Gen purchased a house in Gilman in 1951,
developing a funeral business there. Genevieve received her funeral director’s license by studying at home and passing the state
board exam. With her funeral director license they were able to open that funeral home where there hadn’t been one in the
Gilman area and surrounding communities. Later that same year they purchased an established funeral business in Cornell,
purchased a house there and moved the business into this building. The Cornell business was later sold in 1974 to an employee.
In 1959, Bill, son of Sev and Gen, joined the family business. He worked with his father and  Keith, another son, joined them
in 1971. They worked together until 1979. Sev and Gen sold the two funeral homes to Bill and Keith at that time. Bill retired in
2000 and Keith in 2010.
In 2010 the business was sold to a son of Bill’s, Daniel, who now operates both establishments. Daniel is the 4th generation
Plombon in the funeral home business. Having worked as a funeral director since 1994 Dan brings with him a diversity of
The Plombon family has always felt honored to serve the families in this area. The traditional funeral has been expanded to
include personal choices and we look forward to helping you achieve a meaningful and thoughtful service each and every time.